We are actively seeking to acquire or fund the following opportunities:

• Turnkey acquisition of developments of blocks of flats or housing developments
(can be forward purchased)
• s106 schemes
• Tenanted portfolios leased to local authority / other public sector tenants
• Acquisition programmes for local authorities
• Sale and Lease-back

Get in touch with us if your needs fall within the below:

You are interested in investments and joint ventures.
You want to make an investment with purpose.
You are a care provider or charity with housing needs.
We would love to discuss your needs and see how we can fulfil them.
  • Please contact our Asset
    Management Director.
Mark Edwards
Asset Management Director
Investing in Social Housing
We create demand-driven social housing for vulnerable people. Our main focus is to develop units in areas where there is a huge need for affordable, high quality housing. Our investments are Inspired By You and follow our non-negotiable ethos of profit for purpose. This ensures we operate ethically, efficiently and with the end user in mind, creating the perfect social impact investment.
Invest in Commercial Development
We build commercial properties that give the local people of Manchester a great place to work. Our goal is to unleash the untapped potential of the city’s buildings, giving them a new lease of life in the form of high quality, future-proof creative workspaces. It’s our duty to give back to the community so more businesses across the North West can thrive.