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This week we have watched events unfold for asylum seekers, and followed the subsequent debates surrounding this humanitarian issue.

Regardless of the many differing political views, we must remember that asylum seekers are people, not just numbers. Seeking asylum is often the only way this community can flee violence, persecution, war or disaster.

Since Guy Horne & I founded HS Property Group we’ve worked alongside organisations to house asylum seekers and provide suitable accommodation. This is particularly close to us, with previous generations of both our families being in similar situations. As Mancunians with a desire to give back to our city, HSPG continues to find ways to support the Manchester community and openly encourage the ‘refugees welcome’ drive.

In 2014, HSPG started by turning a derelict house into an HMO suitable for occupation for asylum seekers. We established a long lease through a government-backed social housing provider, ensuring the HMO would be properly used by the community for years to come.

2020 has been an interesting and challenging year for people across the world, and there’s no better time to show compassion to every human being.

HS Property hires hat trick of directors.