The Northern Powerhouse: Our Insider Perspective

Guy Horne, co-founder of HS Property Group, recently discussed his thoughts on the Northern Powerhouse agenda with Insider.

Throughout the interview, Guy shared his views on the potential of the Northern Powerhouse. This included how the North can fulfil its potential as a rival economic power to the South.

Guy expressed his thoughts on re-energising the Northern Powerhouse. The government needs to increase investment in the region’s health services, particularly in deprived areas.

He said: “The Northern Powerhouse is about creating a super region. But we cannot achieve this without helping those in need. Tackling health and wellbeing is key to improving productivity across the region, so should dominate the Northern Powerhouse agenda.”

Guy also spoke favourably of Andy Burnham’s efforts as Mayor of Greater Manchester to identify and confront local issues, specifically Manchester’s homelessness crisis. However, as Guy stressed, the region should continually question the extent to which our Metro Mayors have an influence on central government’s decisions.

You can read Guy’s full interview with Insider North West’s Powerhouse Perspectives here.

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