Blockchain is booming in the proptech market

Blockchain technology has done some amazing things in recent years, including improving government efficiency and preventing voter fraud. It is extremely versatile and can be useful for a range of sectors, including in property, where it appears these transactions could soon be set to hit the mainstream.

The property sector is a prime example of an industry where this technology represents unlimited opportunities. We are extremely proud to be the first company in the UK to use this innovative technology to sell a residential property.

Recently, we attended the Blockchain Summit 2018 in London where our co-founder, Guy Horne, gave an informative presentation on how the real estate sector will be the next industry to be disrupted by blockchain. The conference was attended by 5,000 people and Guy discussed both the benefits and the drawbacks of the technology and praised the system for providing fast, secure transactions that protect both parties through a digital, smart contract.

Blockchain represents a unique opportunity that allows buyers to invest in homes anywhere around the world, adding some much-desired flexibility to the process. Not to mention making it much easier to conduct overseas investment deals. With such innovative methods, this technology has the ability to revolutionise and create liquidity within the property industry.

The event was a big achievement for us, and Guy was very honoured to share the stage with some of the biggest names in blockchain. This included a number of CTOs/Head of Innovation at a number of global banks including Citi, Deutsche and Santander, as well as CEOs of a number of successful tech start ups including Zeeshan Feroz, CEO (UK) of exchange platform, Coinbase.

The event also marked the end of a very busy networking period for us, having also attended the Place Tech Trend Talk breakfast back in April, where blockchain technology and its application to property transactions was explored.

It is very exciting to witness all of the opportunities arising from the use of blockchain technology and we are intrigued to see how it will be utilised for future endeavours within the sector.

If you’re interested in learning more about blockchain technology within the property industry, or you wish to have a chat about our current investment opportunities, please email