HS Property Group – first to sell UK Residential Property on Blockchain

At HS Property Group, we pride ourselves on innovation and have partnered up with clicktopurchase® platform to become the first UK residential property company to record the online exchange of a residential property using blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology – heralded by many as the future of finance and real estate – has attracted headlines recently as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are underpinned by this mechanism, thus enabling technologies such as peer-to-peer financial transactions, without a third party mediator.

This makes the transaction much simpler, whilst delivering certainty, transparency and accountability. It enables distant buyers to transact as easily as a local purchaser and brings the huge benefits of liquidity and flexibility.

We have had some great media coverage ranging from Estates Gazette and Business Desk; even generating some global media attention.

You will notice the widget on the right hand side displaying our current investment properties for sale using blockchain technology. Simply sign up to the platform and download the legal pack. You will be able to contact the seller’s solicitor if you have any queries. When you are ready – simply submit an offer – and if accepted, you have legally exchanged on the property. You will experience secure and easy online property execution first hand, cutting out a lot of wasted time and potential gazumping!

Please enter your contact details using the form below and one of the team will get in touch with how to purchase one of our current investment opportunities using the blockchain.

Guy Horne
28th March 2018