Asset Management

HS Property Group is able to provide excellent financial returns through strategic property investment. We have extensive experience in the UK investment property marketplace and are qualified to provide high-yield investment turnkey property solutions to our clients. We typically offer investments that are income-producing from day of completion, and our bespoke service means little or no involvement is required from our clients.

Through building strong relationships with both Manchester City Council and the Home Office, we manage a large portfolio of properties offering long commercial leases with a high yield in areas which will benefit from capital growth. In addition to the private and student market, we typically work with two corporate tenants offering housing solutions to the public sector:

Local Authority Backed Single Family Lets:

Housing Social Ltd is a property management company that specialises in social housing to cater for the needs of local authorities and landlords. HSL – a subsidiary of HS Property Group – works in partnership with Manchester City Council and offers landlords a fully-managed, 3-year rent guarantee contract with no management fees or void periods. This eliminates the everyday stresses of letting out a property; providing landlords with a consistent and reliable income.

The following elements ensure a hassle free investment:

  • 3-year Local Authority backed contract
  • No rental voids, arrears or late payments
  • Commission free – no management or letting fees
  • No legal or court costs to evict tenants
  • Monthly property inspections by one of Housing Social’s property managers

Please click on the link below to view more information about our asset management services:

Government Backed Houses of Multiple Occupation:

We work in conjunction with a government subcontractor to offer an HMO corporate lease on our residential property investments. The service and outsourcing company listed on the FTSE has been delivering essential public services for more than 40 years, operating several contracts on behalf of the UK government.

The blue chip PLC lets our properties based on the number of useable bedrooms the property has, meaning we achieve a much higher return than the typical market rent for such a property.

They offer a 5-year FRI contract with guaranteed income and no deductions. This armchair investment is managed and maintained by them, and requires no input.

The net rental income is paid directly to your nominated bank account at the end of every month by BACS. A monthly rent remittance statement is emailed to our clients to confirm the payment.

The following elements ensure a hassle free investment:

  • 5-year government backed contract
  • Fully Repairing and Insuring (FRI) lease (including boiler cover)
  • No rental voids, arrears or late payments
  • No management fees
  • No maintenance costs
  • Gas safety, electric and HMO license certification renewals provided (where required)
  • No legal or court costs to evict tenants
  • Monthly property inspections by a property manager

To date, we have successfully delivered over 100 properties with the subcontractor, becoming their primary provider of accommodation in the North West.

We are always looking to expand and develop new commercial relationships with similar organisations so please get in touch for partnership opportunities. 

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