YEP Property Quiz Champions 2017!

On a cold evening in Manchester, what better way to warm up than with hot meat pies, a quiz and plenty of beer! The HS crew enjoyed a successful quiz night hosted by YEP – Young Entrepreneurs in Property – a networking organisation for young people in property and construction. The evening started out with an hour of networking, enabling us to interact with like minded property professionals. The smell of steak and ale pie slowly wafted through the room, tickling our senses. We were seated and served our long awaited meat pie, mushy peas and chips – a true delight. Sam had eyes too big for his stomach and even went up for thirds!

Now to the quiz, the HS team were a cut above the rest demonstrating our superior property knowledge and claimed a victory answering 32 questions correct out of 43. A strong performance from Phil Grundy and David Searle enabled the crew to triumph. The crew were called up to claim their prizes, a £25 Amazon gift card for each member! James was certainly happy, he could now order his new scuba diving goggles before his Christmas adventure to Hawaii. Highlight of the night was HS’s sculpture moulded from plasticine, a Manchester bee following recent tragic events as depicted in the photo.

All in all, an enjoyable evening and the HS crew look forward to another YEP event, filled with plenty of laughter and hopefully more prizes!

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Sam Carson
4th January 2018